SAPM Dr Faisal Sultan urges people to get vaccinated without hesitation

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the PM on Health Dr Faisal Sultan on Sunday said that everyone who is eligible, should get vaccinated right away without hesitation.

In a video message on social media, he said that there has been a conversation on the new variants of the coronavirus and speculations have risen if they can be defeated by the vaccines.

“All viruses go through a process of evolution over time. As a result, new variants and types of the virus keep coming up,” Dr Sultan explained.

Some months back, a new variant in Britain was found which was later called B.1.17 and the strain is presently being reported in most countries across the world.

“Similarly, the strain from South Africa known as B.1.351 was reported and another one was found in Brazil,” he said, adding that multiple new strains will continue to be introduced.

The question here is whether the Covid-19 vaccination will provide the same protection against these strains. Dr Sultan reassured that people should be confident about the vaccines administered in Pakistan.

“When your turn comes, go get vaccinated so that you can protect yourself from extreme scenarios such as hospitalisation.”

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