Prohibited funding case: FIA to send another notice to Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has rejected PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s position on the investigation into the PTI prohibited funding case and decided to send another notice.

According to sources, the FIA has decided to send Khan another notice to seek answers regarding the prohibited funding case, while rejecting Imran Khan’s current position.

Imran Khan’s arrest warrants will be issued after three notices have been sent, said sources within the FIA.

Moreover, five more PTI companies have been identified, the sources said.

The FIA had issued notices to the chairman and general secretary of the PTI to investigate the issue of prohibited funding and to provide details of party fund records.

Imran Khan had previously stated that he is neither accountable nor obligated to provide information to the FIA.

Earlier, FIA had sought records from Khan regarding the total funds provided to the party by national and international companies and business firms.

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