Pakistani doctor in London succumbs to COVID-19

Dr Abdul Fowad Choudhury, a senior Pakistani doctor in London, lost his life to the viral coronavirus.

He had been managing a psychiatric ward at a London hospital prior to his unfortunate demise.

Dr Choudhury passed away on 26th December 2020 and is survived by his wife and four children, Nazish, Hasaan, Aleena and Zayna.

Born in Hyderabad, Pakistan in 1957, Dr Abdul Fowad Choudhury was the third of four brothers.

He studied medicine at Liaquat Medical College then got married in 1987 and moved to the UK. He worked hard over the years to make his way up to Consultant, managing a psychiatric ward in a London hospital where he inspired many young junior psychiatric doctors.

He was a wonderful man, loved and cherished by all he touched over his lifetime. According to his family, Dr Choudhury was a man of few words, but when he spoke, whether it was politics, religion or the weather, people listened and he was highly respected by everyone who knew him.

“Watching National Geographic nature programmes was his favourite pastime. He travelled whenever he got the chance – visiting most of Europe, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt. Next on his list was the Northern Lights in Iceland and he often talked about walking the Great Wall of China.

“He loved heated discussions and would often pat others on the back saying ‘bhaijaan’ while talking with a big smile. He loved to tease and joke with friends and family,” Dr Choudhury’s son, Hasaan told this correspondent.

“He was not only a wonderful father to his children but a beloved father figure to his nieces and nephews too. He was a devout Muslim, having completed Umrah many times and Hajj as well. He never missed a namaaz, would make Jummah without fail and never skipped a fast. He had the biggest heart and was known for his generosity, not only with money but with his time and efforts too,” Hasaan said about his loving father.

According to Dr Choudhury’s family, being a doctor was his pride and helping others was natural to him and his instincts were always to solve others’ problems before they even expressed them.

They revealed that Dr Choudhury loved traditional Pakistani Sunday brunches – either asking his wife to make prathas and omelettes or sneaking out in the mornings for halwa channe poori with his best friend Rizwan. If he did, he never came home empty-handed, he’d always bring some back home for the family. He would never say no to a good gup shup over a hot cup of chai.

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