Jemima reacts to Khan’s misogynistic stance on rape as world mocks Pak premier

LONDON: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex wife, Jemima Khan has strongly reacted to the PM’s misogynistic comments blaming women’s outfits for rape cases.

In a speech, PM Khan had blamed women’s dressing habits for rape, something which was criticised across the world with outlets like the BBC, Daily Mail and Al Jazeera calling out the Pakistani premier for his misogynistic and misguided comments.

Jemima Khan, who has supported Khan throughout her life whether it was buying the ostentatious Bani Gala residence or providing the money trail for it reacted strongly to her ex husband’s misogynistic comments.

Taking to Twitter, the wealthy heiress said: “Say to the believing men that they restrain their eyes and guard their private parts.” Quran 24:31 The onus is on men.”

Jemima added: “I’m hoping this is a misquote/ mistranslation. The Imran I knew used to say, “Put a veil on the man’s eyes not on the woman.”

Jemima Khan was married to Imran Khan earlier but the marriage ended in divorce. Previously, Imran Khan unfollowed everyone on Twitter, including his ex wife, Jemima Khan.

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