Ban on tourists’ entry in Murree, Galiyat extended for 24 hours

ISLAMABAD: The ban on tourists entry in Murree and Galiyat has been extended for the next 24 hours.

According to details, Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid announced the extension today while the time period of last night’s extension will end till 10 pm tonight.

The ban will not apply to the residents of Murree and adjoining areas. The decision to lift the ban will be taken after reviewing the situation.

Earlier on Friday, Minister had appealed to the tourists and families to avoid travelling to Murree and Galiyat due to heavy traffic jam there.

Sheikh Rashid had mentioned in a statement that a large number of tourists were present in Murree and Galiyat to enjoy the weather after the area received heavy snowfall.

He said that the administration of Rawalpindi and Murree were efficiently working to facilitate the citizens.

He had added that due to heavy traffic and presence of a large number of tourists, the traffic movement towards Murree was very slow. He added over 100,000 vehicles have so far entered Murree and Galiyat from Islamabad.

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