Softigh turns raw ideas into digital experiences (Sponsored)

Dubai based startup Softigh transforms raw ideas of their clients into implementable digital solutions using various tools.

Founded by Pakistani national Mohayuddin Sheikh, Softigh seeks to create innovative, adaptive and engaging solutions tailored to its clients’ needs.

The company offers web development, digital marketing, search engine optimisation, e-commerce initiation and a design studio to prepare businesses to enter and excel in the digital realm.

Already, Softigh works with established businesses like Al Karam, Triple M Group of Industries, Bin Saeed Developers, Mostigh London, Freshly Serve, The Pakistan Daily, Lobo Fitness, Kapzia, Bizfoil, Mentor GB and Waves.

Speaking with The Pakistan Daily, Mohayuddin Sheikh said: “When I came back from the UK during covid, tech industry was trending and every other person was moving towards the digital world.

“E-commerce, web development, and freelancing were booming but there was a gap that many lacked User Interface and User Experiences. Most Pakistani sites don’t have proper details and user flow especially if we see government sites, they lack UX and UI. I was trying to find just the basic information about whether e-khidmat provides a certain service or not but couldn’t locate it due to bad UX of their website,” Sheikh said.

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