PTV’s Athar Farooq Buttar found guilty of sexual harassment, ordered to pay fine

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued a decision in the case of sexual harassment of women in Pakistan Television (PTV).

According to the court order, Athar Farooq Buttar has been ordered to pay a fine of five lakh rupees to six women.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah of the Supreme Court has written the eight-page judgment of the PTV women harassment case on Wednesday, August 31. According to the verdict, it has been proved that women were sexually harassed in PTV.

The court has ordered the criminal Athar Farooq Buttar to pay a fine of five lakh rupees to six women and in case the criminal does not pay the fine, the property of the criminal should be sold to make payments to the affected women.

In the judgment, the Supreme Court welcomed the Women’s Workplace Harassment Protection Bill 2022 and said that it is laudable to give the right to complain of harassment to all genders in the bill, any kind of discrimination is also declared as harassment in the bill.

In the decision, it has been said with reference to the bill that it is hoped that the amendments made will be implemented, it is hoped that the freedom and social justice of women and transgender people will be raised by the act, it is their constitutional right to give women an environment free from threats and harassment. Is.

It should be noted that the women of PTV filed a harassment petition against Controller Athar Farooq Buttar in 2016.

Former Controller of PTV Athar Farooq Buttar is now living in Canada after retirement.

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