Amnesty International takes notice of Aurat March cancellation in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD: Amnesty International has taken notice of Aurat March’s Faisalabad’s cancellation after the government reovked permission for the march.

In a tweet, the international human rights NGO stated: “PAKISTAN: Amnesty International notes with serious concern the government’s decision to bar the #AuratMarch protest in Faisalabad yesterday. The right to peaceful assembly is protected by all major human rights conventions and the Constitution of Pakistan.”

Amesty International has called upon Pakistani authorities to immediately grant permission for Aurat March Faisalabad and also provide security if needed.

Earlier, it had been reported that Assisstant Commissioner Faisalabad had revoked permission for the Aurat March in the city.

The official Twitter account of Aurat March Faisalabad said: “Aurat march has been postponed due to security concerns. New update will be posted shortly”.

It had also emerged that there was pressure from the religious right to stop the march in Faisalabad.

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