Pakistan has an opportunity to protect vital interests with greater autonomy: Senator Mushahid Hussain

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed believes that Pakistan can capitalise on India’s growing instability.

ISLAMABAD: In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed said that Pakistan has an opportunity to protect it’s vital interests with greater autonomy, given India’s growing alienation.

Senator Mushahid, who also serves as the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Pakistan said: “In a rapidly changing regional scenario, Pakistan has opportunities to protect its vital interests and promote our objectives with a greater autonomy than we had in the past.”

“India is on the defensive, thanks to Modi’s shortsighted policies, which have divided India from within and narrowed Delhi’s foreign policy options without,” he said.

According to Senator Mushahid Hussain, that growing instability in India will prove to be a “strategic plus” for Pakistan.

He mentioned India’s recurring border clashes with China that had bruised and battered the Indian army, the Kashmiri resistance, the Sikh farmer’s protests, the spat with Nepal and suspicions with Bangladesh would “all add up to a strategic plus for Pakistan.”

Previously, Senator Mushahid Hussain praised the Pakistan Navy’s Maritime Diplomacy and stated that it was a magnanimous display of Pakistan’s soft power which showed the country’s ability to bring 45 nations and their navies for the common cause of ensuring peace in the Indian Ocean.

Addressing the International Maritime Conference as a Keynote speaker, Senator Mushahid quoted former Indian Ambassador MK Bhadhrakumar as terming AMAN 2021 “a spectacular display of Pakistan’s uniqueness as a regional power’ while he also criticised India for ‘a failed Pakistan policy.”

Senator Mushahid spoke about the resurgence of the “Asian Century” where an inexorable shift of economic and political power from the west to the east would be witnessed.

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