Zoraiz Malik posts romantic selfie with Alyzeh Gabol after divorce

LAHORE: Zoraiz Malik has posted a picture with his ex-wife Alyzeh Gabol on Instagram suggesting that the divorced couple is back together.

Sources familiar with the incident reveal that after Aasia Amer posted Instagram stories abusing Alyzeh Gabol’s mother, Zoraiz Malik got angry and posted a picture with his ex-wife Alyzeh Gabol to show his mom where his loyalties were.

screenshot from Aasia Amer’s Instagram

In response to these obnoxious screenshots, Zoraiz Malik, the grandson of Malik Riaz went against his own family by sharing a picture of himself with Alyzeh along with a heart signifying their romantic bond.

Earlier, sources revealed to The Pakistan Daily that Zoraiz’s family had pressurised him to divorce Alyzeh Gabol since he was already married and even has a child with his first wife.

However, it has been claimed that Zoraiz was not over Alyzeh and continued a relationship with her despite the divorce. The latest picture has given rise to such rumours.

Putting all suspicion to rest, Zoraiz Malik shared a romantic picture with Alyzeh Gabol, earning the fury of his mother, Aasia Amer.

In response, Aasia Amer shared another photo alleging her Alyzeh Gabol was caught with a married man in Armani Hotel, Dubai.

Social media users have been closely witnessing the feud in Malik Riaz’s family with both mother and son publically sharing information about the fight.

Malik Riaz is the founder of Bahria Town and one of the richest Pakistanis in the world.

Zoraiz Malik, Malik Riaz’s grandson is the CEO of Citi Housing, another successful real estate venture.

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