Zakir Jaffer knew about Noor’s murder, offered to help son according to challan

ISLAMABAD: Zahir Jaffer had told his father, Zakir Jaffer that he had murdered Noor Mukadam but instead of calling the authorities, Zakir Jaffer told his son not to panic and that he was sending help to dispose of the body according to the interim challan submitted in the court

Noor Mukadam, 27, was found dead in Zakir Jaffer’s posh F-7 home in Islamabad on 21 July this year. She had been beheaded and was also subjected to rape, according to the DNA report. No drugs or poison was found in Noor Mukadam’s body.

Noor Mukadam.

According to the interim challan, Zahir Jaffer murdered Noor Mukadam in cold blood after she had refused to marry him. Zahir locked Noor in a room and took her mobile phone as well so that she could not call for help.

Noor Mukadam tried to escape by jumping out of the first floor but the guard at the gate did not allow her to leave, directly contributing to her murder.

Zahir Jaffer

Zakir Jaffer, who also knew of the events taking place in his home according to the challan did not in any way attempt to save Noor’s life, however, after he was told about the murder, he tried to save his son by allegedly sending a team of Therapy Works employees to take care of Noor’s dead body.

A team of Therapy Works employees arrived shortly after the phone call between Zahir Jaffer and his father, however, due to a misunderstanding, Zahir Jaffer stabbed Amjad Mahmood of Therapy Works instead of cooperating with him to dispose the body.

The cooperation between Therapy Works and Zahir Jaffer is proven from the fact that when taken to the hospital for treatment, Amjad stated that he was in a road accident and did not disclose anything about the murder.

The interim challan was filed in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani on September 9. Earlier, the challan was filed in the court of District and Sessions Judge Kamran Basharat Mufti.

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