Zahir’s shirt stained with Noor Mukadam’s blood: Islamabad Police

Islamabad police released a statement on Tuesday shedding light on the development in the Noor Mukadam murder case, revealing that the prime suspect’s shirt was stained with the victim’s blood when he was arrested.

The clarification comes after it was revealed by the Investigating Officer, during his cross-examination by the defence in court on Monday that National Forensic Science Agency (NFSA) were not able to find Zahir’s fingerprints on the knife, which was the weapon of offence, recovered from the crime scene.

The Investigating Officer further told the court that Zahir’s pants were not stained by the blood during the time of arrest and he did not receive the picture collected from the digital video recorder (DVR) inspected through a photogrammetry test.

In the statement issued by the police today, Islamabad IG Mohammad Ahsan Younas arranged a meeting to evaluate the development of the case “in context of yesterday’s proceedings and media reports” while also asking senior officers “explain the proceedings”.

The statement reads that some media reports wrongly interpreted the findings of the case and the IO’s responses to the questions raised by the defence.

The police chief was made aware of the fact that During the IO’s cross-examination, the officer was told to keep his answers short and only respond in the affirmative or negative.

“The answers must corroborate with the facts of the case file. However, this whole proceeding got misinterpreted in some media reports,” the statement said.
The statement also clarified the answers provided by the IO by contextualizing the responses.

According to the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) findings, the pants were not stained however the “the shirt of the accused was stained with the blood of the victim”.
The report also clarified that while there was an absence of fingerprints of the prime accused on the murder weapon, other forensic evidence found pointed towards the involvement of the defendant.

“The knife recovered from the crime scene was taken into custody, sealed by NFSA and sent to PFSA for fingerprints which could not be developed by the latter. But the report confirmed [the] blood of Noor on the knife,” the statement said.

“The detailed report of the PFSA is yet to be read on the next hearing which contains comprehensive forensic evidence, sufficient for the conviction of the accused. The crime scene was visited by senior-most officers at the time of occurrence and [the] scene was completely preserved by forensic experts of NFSA to avoid any contamination,” the statement added.

Five facts verified by the PFSA regarding the gruesome murder were also presented in the statement, including mention of the fact that Noor was subjected to rape by the accused before being murdered.

“(She) made every possible attempt to save her life before being killed,” the Police confirmed, revealing that Zahir’s DNA was found under Noor’s nails.

The police statement also highlighted the fact that a Swiss knife that was recovered from the crime scene was used in the murder as it was covered in the victim’s blood. A knuckleduster present at the crime scene was also made use of in the attack.

“All these forensic pieces of evidence were collected from the crime scene in a professional manner and were sent to PFSA. These are very strong pieces of forensic evidence and the investigation team is committed to seek justice for Noor,” the police statement said.

Waeed Khan

Waeed Khan is a Lahore based reporter for The Pakistan Daily.

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