‘Zahir’s fingerprints not found on murder weapon’, police tells court

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Police have told the sessions court that Zahir Jaffer’s fingerprints are not clearly identifiable on the knife used to kill Noor Mukadam.

The police further claimed that Jaffer’s pants were not covered in blood but was arrested for being present in the house.

This comes as suspicions about potential compliance between the Jaffer family and the Islamabad police are surfacing.

Earlier, Jaffer was heard telling reporters that the action “happened with my hands”.

Zahir Jaffer also walked to court after being declared “medically fit” by the court.

Zahir Jaffer is the prime suspect in the Noor Mukadam murder case, who was previously carried to court on a wheelchair and stretcher.

Judge Atta Rabbani, in the preceding hearing, declared him mentally fit to stand trial.

The court had ordered the jail authorities to perform Jaffer’s medical check-up during the hearing on January 15.

Jaffer’s counsel had appealed to form a medical board for their client’s mental assessment but the application was rejected.

During the hearing on Monday, Zahir walked into an Islamabad sessions court. Sources present at the proceeding said that Jaffer sat on the floor upon entering the court and kept his head down the entire time.
Updates from today’s hearing:

Zahir Jaffer’s counsel concluded the cross-examination of Investigating Officer (IO) Abdul Sattar On January 24. Sattar disclosed that Noor’s father Shaukat Mukadam was already present at the crime scene when the police arrived.

He also revealed that Noor’s body was recovered by the police from Zahir’s residence in F-7 on July 20 and transferred it to the morgue. “But the death certificate, obtained from the Polyclinic Hospital, stated that her death occurred on July 21 at 12:10am.”

He further stated that Zahir was initially remanded in police custody on July 21. However, due to a lack of evidence from the crime scene, the court had directed the police to present Jaffer in court again on July 23.

The crime scene was then again examined by the police. Sattar said that the suspect’s fingerprints were not recovered from the knife used in the attack, nor were his pants covered in any blood. “He was arrested for being present in the house when Noor was murdered.”

The police assured Noor was present in the house by conducting a DVR photogrammetric test.

The Police did not obtain CCTV footage from nearby houses. The investigation was limited to the confines of one floor of the suspect’s house where the gruesome murder took place.

After the defense completed the cross questioning, the hearing was adjourned till Wednesday, January 26.

Waeed Khan

Waeed Khan is a Lahore based reporter for The Pakistan Daily.

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