Zahir Jaffer, others indicted in Noor Mukadam murder case

ISLAMABAD: A district and sessions court in Islamabad on Thursday indicted Zahir Jaffer and 11 other people in the murder of Noor Mukadam.

According to the details, the trial will begin on October 20.

The accused whom charges were framed includes Zahir Jaffer, his parents Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Jaffer, Zahir’s three household employees Iftikhar, Jan Muhammad and Jameel, Therapy Works CEO Dr Tahir Zahoor Ahmed and five his employees.

Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani indicted the accused on the charges, and all plead not guilty.

Zahir’s parents had earlier approached the Islamabad High Court seeking an annulment of the sessions court’s order to indict them but no progress has been made on that case.

Zahir’s father Zakir has filed a request with this court asking not to proceed with the indictment. His lawyer argued that there is no evidence linking the parents to the charges against them. The evidence produced so far does not link Zakir to the crime, the lawyer said.

The lawyer for Shaukat Mukadam, the former ambassador father of Noor, said at this point the court was indicting the accused, not sentencing them, arguing that evidence will be examined during the trial.

“The accused is being charged, but has not been sentenced yet,” Mukadam’s lawyer said.

During the court proceedings, Zahir continued to interject remarks and said that the employees of Therapy Works had forced their way into the house.

Zahir also apologised to Shaukat Mukadam in the courtroom and begged him for forgiveness.

“My life is in danger, please have mercy on me,” Zahir said.

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