Zahir Jaffer called father’s influential friend after #NoorMukadam’s murder

ISLAMABAD: A preliminary investigation into the phone records of Zahir Jaffer reveals that at 7:30 PM on 21 July 2021, Zahir placed a call to an influential friend of his father which lasted for 5 minutes and 46 seconds.

Just a minute earlier, at 7:29 PM, Zahir had called his father Zakir Jaffer. The call lasted for 46 seconds.

Zahir Jaffer had told his father’s influential friend that his house had been attacked by robbers and that he was in a terrible situation.

The friend called Zakir Jaffer who questioned him about the call. The friend also mentioned that he hadn’t even had Zahir’s number saved in his phone and was surprised by the call.

It is during this team that it is believed that Zakir called Therapy Works, as revealed by an audio leaked by The Pakistan Daily in which Tahir, the CEO of Therapy Works can be heard speaking about the conversation he had with Zakir Jaffer.

Zahir Jaffer also called some friends during this time, telling some that a team of Therapy Works had been sent to get him and others that his home had been assaulted by robbers. Zahir asked his friends to reach his home immediately.

It is still unclear why he made these calls but sources have stated that it might to be to signal a mental breakdown so that he could rely on an insanity defence later on.

Islamabad police have unequivocally stated that Zahir Jaffer was completely in his sense at the time of his arrest and that these actions are interpreted as attempts to “wriggle out of the situation”.

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