YDA doctors boycott OPDs across Punjab

In a strong response to the recent act of violence against a doctor at the Children’s Hospital of Lahore, the Young Doctors Association has initiated a widespread protest across Punjab.

Outdoor wards in hospitals throughout the province have been closed by the association, demanding the inclusion of anti-terrorism provisions against perpetrators of violence.

Effective immediately, outdoor patient departments (OPDs) in hospitals across Punjab will remain closed, causing significant inconvenience for patients seeking medical attention.

The catalyst for this protest was a shocking incident that unfolded just a day ago at the Children’s Hospital.

The unfortunate event began when a child, whose identity remains undisclosed, tragically passed away while receiving treatment. Overwhelmed by grief and frustration, the family members directed their anger toward the doctors and nurses responsible for the child’s care, subjecting them to brutal torture.

During the incident, one doctor sustained a fractured arm, while the nurses faced mistreatment from the agitated family members.

The severity of the attack prompted the Young Doctors Association to take swift action, suspending all indoor and outdoor medical services at the Children’s Hospital. In addition, they announced a sit-in protest on Ferozepur Road to express their concerns and demand justice for the assaulted medical professionals.

A case has been registered against five accused. According to First Information Report (FIR), the enraged relatives of the deceased attempted to kill the doctors.The accused not only resorted to physical violence but also targeted women doctors and nurses, causing them harm.

As the protest continues, patients across Punjab are grappling with the closure of outdoor wards, facing difficulties accessing essential medical services.

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