World should not politicize delivery of aid: Kabul

KABUL: The Islamic Emirate asked the international community to not politicize the delivery of humanitarian aid to victims of the devastating earthquake in the southeastern provinces of Afghanistan and to provide assistance as soon as possible.

“After the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, unfortunately, most of the countries have stopped their humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. We ask them to not politicize this aid and to continue their aid to the people of Afghanistan,” said Ghulam Ghous Naseri, deputy Minister of Finance of the Ministry of State for Natural Disaster Management.

According to the officials of the Ministry of State for Natural Disaster Management, there are still people trapped in the wreckage.

“We cannot say the exact numbers of those who are trapped under the rubble…It also happens in most developed countries of the world, and when such events happen in other countries it takes several days to solve the problem,” Mr Naseri, added.

Kabul says it has also set aside 100 million afghanis for the relatives of the victims, but the assistance is insufficient.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate is also urging local businesspeople, and domestic humanitarian organizations to provide for the victim with immediate aid.

“This is a sensitive and human matter. Because this catastrophe was so big and all of our countrymen must show their support and sympathy, we ask the entire world to cooperate with us in this situation,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of the Islamic Emirate.

Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Qatar, China and a number of other countries have pledged to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

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