Woman becomes more vulnerable in the wake of climate change (Opinion)

We know the impact of climate change in Pakistan. Our superpower and so-called progressive countries have hardly ever paid heed to the CO2 emission and ultimately we are the ones who have to bear the burnt. They are responsible for this calamity caused by climate change.

Owing to this not only thousand but millions of people have lost their lives while many are putting up with unending agony. Pakistan over the years have kept mum over this issue and as a result of that silence now it stands among the worst affected countries of the world owing to abrupt changes in the climate.

As a result of recent heavy rainfalls in three provinces of the country and subsequent floods induced by climate change, millions of people lost their homes and crops, which means they lost almost everything they had and were brought to nought.

Following a lack of awareness pertaining to the prevailing circumstances, people are at the mercy of the Government and shifted to tent cities with no adequate measures to cater to their needs. Do we think that these tents will help them and fulfil all their basic amenities? Flood water has not been drained out yet from remote areas of Sindh, the residential area is still under stagnant water giving rise to malaria, dengue, cholera and several other undiagnosed diseases.

The whole nation suffered but women are the most vulnerable creature in this case. Besides the burning issue of child marriage, the aftermath of climate change have left an adverse effect on the lives of women, particularly married women.

Their reproductive health is in danger. They didn’t get sanitary napkins and they are using old cloth for their menstrual cycle which will gonna bless them with infections which which turn into chronic diseases. Many pregnant women has no material facilities which will gonna deliver baby very soon. When and where is still unknown.

Women of sindh are the one who depend on their spouse for every kind of need. As a whole they are dependents. They don’t have financial freedom not financial awareness. They are subjected to be at home and has to nurture their children, do all home chores and take care of a big fat family. One more burden is added that she has to bear a child also ( pregnant).

How a woman with all these responsibility will take care of herself.4 out of 1 woman is suffering from Iron and Vitamin D deficiency. Who is going to work on it is anybody’s guess.!

Woman reproductive issues are taboo here. Man/spouse don’t even heed on these reproductive issues. Woman are suppose to go to the physician and they gave them antibiotics and this will cause a chaotic blunder. A survey conducted by this scribe revealed that in spite of strict proscription of gynecologists the displaced ladies are not complying with the principles of family planning and a large number of women have got pregnant at the tent cities set up across Sindh.

Just think of an illiterate woman who relies on her spouse for every kind of need. How she can propel in her life if her spouse dies? We are mortal. We are bound to perish. How this woman will proceed. We can think that she will have a quality of life? A big fat No. Pakistan need to empower the woman. Pakistan need to establish more and more health related clinics for woman. This flood perish all outdated hospitals. The constitution has given rights to women that need to be executed in the current scenario

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