Will there be peace in Asian countries after the withdrawal of NATO forces? (Opinion)

Twenty countries, including the United States, overthrew the Taliban government in Afghanistan, which created a warlike atmosphere in all Asian countries, and the United States launched a military operation in Afghanistan after 9/11. Earlier, these Taliban were very good to the United States because the United States used these Taliban to divide Russia into 27 parts, but when these same Taliban started fighting against the United States, the United States started the war by calling them bad Taliban.

NATO forces have been fighting Afghans for 20 years, controlling Afghan army airbases, killing and arresting many Taliban leaders, and destroying Taliban strongholds, but still withdrawing from Afghanistan and failed to erase Taliban names. My point here is not to present the Taliban well, but to prove that you are returning from Afghanistan after twenty years of failure.

As much damage was done to Asian countries in this ceasefire, peace was destroyed in Asia, border areas of Pakistan were targeted by drone strikes, who will answer all these? It is time to demand a response from those countries, including the United States, that your actions did not bring peace to our country.

The situation in Pakistan deteriorated due to the American war in Afghanistan, about eighty thousand of our citizens were martyred, thousands of soldiers were martyred in the military operation carried out in the national interest, today you are leaving Afghanistan but why the peace of other countries Destroyed?

When the US withdrew its troops to occupy Afghanistan, Pakistan was under martial law and General Pervez Musharraf handed over Pakistani air bases to the US and the US used to take its military equipment to Afghanistan through Pakistan, in return, The United States gave 33 billion dollars to Pervez Musharraf, because of which Pervez Musharraf is living a luxury life in Dubai today after destroying the peace of Pakistan. Today, many retired Pakistani army generals are criticizing Musharraf’s move, a retired general said that when Pervez Musharraf handed over Pakistani airports to the United States, he did not take his corps commanders into confidence in his decision, While the late General Hamid Gul used to say that Pervez Musharraf is an employee of the United States and the United States used him to its advantage and fled Pakistan after waging civil war in the country. Despite all this, today Pakistan has once again decided to stand up for the dignity of its country. The decision of the entire nation today is that we will definitely not hand over Pakistan’s airbases to the United States nor we will come under pressure.

The National Security Committee met in Parliament yesterday in which besides the Army Chief, DG ISI, Senior Politicians were also present and all of them decided that we will never allow our land to be used for Afghanistan.

Pakistan has been working for peace in Afghanistan from day one but unfortunately, Pakistan has not been given a certified copy of the peace agreement signed between the Taliban and the United States in Doha on February 29, 2021. When the international media started covering this agreement, we came to know about various important points which are as follows:

Under the agreement, the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan will be completed in 14 months.

In the first phase, the number of 13,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan will be increased to 8,600 in four and a half months. After that, the remaining troops will be withdrawn in nine and a half months.

US and coalition forces will evacuate five military bases in Afghanistan.

The Taliban and the United States will hand over a final list of prisoners before inter-Afghan talks in Oslo.

According to the Taliban, 5,500 of their captives are in US custody, while the Taliban will release about 1,000 hostages. The prisoners will be released within three months.

During the intra-Afghan talks, the United States will lift sanctions on Taliban leaders by August 27, and the United Nations will lift sanctions on Taliban leaders.

Under the agreement, the Taliban will guarantee that Afghanistan’s territory will not be used against terrorism.

The United States will continue to provide economic assistance to Afghanistan after the reconstruction and inter-Afghan dialogue for a new political system, but will not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

The United States had to comply with these few conditions because when the US President announced the cancellation of talks with the Islamic Emirate, the Taliban said that the United States itself would suffer the most. Their credibility will be damaged, their anti-peace stance will be visible to the world and their lives and property will be more damaged.

Now that the United States is abiding by its agreement and withdrawing from Afghanistan, most of the Afghan military airbases have been abandoned by the United States, and this is a good time for Pakistan to strengthen ties with its neighbours so that future peace can be established. Let common policies be in place and let Asia once again be the cradle of peace.

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