Will reveal more people involved in assassination attempt, says Imran Khan

LAHORE: PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday evening said that he will soon reveal the name of another person who was involved in the assassination plot against him.

Imran Khan took to Twitter Wednesday evening and vowed to reveal more names involved in the plot to assassinate him. He also said that he had discovered the assassination plan against him two months ago.

“I had discovered the assassination plot hatched against me almost two months ago & exposed it in RYK 24th Sept & Mianwali 7th Oct public rallies. Wazirabad assassination attempt followed the script.”

Meanwhile, protests against the attack continue across Pakistan, with PTI insisting on the registration of an FIR against the assassination bid as per the demands of the victim and an “independent inquiry” into the matter.

The party had rejected the FIR straight away when it was finally registered several days after the attack on Supreme Court’s orders, calling it “a mockery of the law”. Despite no change in PTI’s resolveto “achieve the target”, a survey showed that most Pakistanis have rejected the march.

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