Widespread rains bring back smiles on faces of Tharis

MITHI: The various parts of the desert district, which were facing the worst drought-like conditions received much-awaited moderate to heavy rainfalls on late Monday night and then again on Tuesday with thunderstorms.

The hilly town of Nagarparkar and its Parkar region, which was facing an acute water shortage was blessed with around 30 mm of rainfall reviving some hopes of the dwellers to get water in their wells, small dams and depressions.

It also rained in different areas of Chhachhro, Dahli, Islamkot talukas. It was raining in different parts of Mithi, Diplo and Kaloi talukas when this story was filed late Tuesday night.

The area people talking to this reporter said that the current spell of the showers would greatly help for the regrowth of some types of grasses and bushes and they may get some great relief as far as fodder for their livestock was concerned.

The Tharis also said that current downpours, which are predicted to last for four to five days, would prove very beneficial for the crops in some areas, which received good showers first in June and then during the early weeks of July.

Here They hoped in case of good showers in the coming days they might get enough relief since crops and grasses which were fast withering away would get a new lease of life and produce enough fodder for the livestock.
It is pertinent to mention that weather websites including Pakistan Meteorological Department have forecast moderate to heavy rainfalls till Sep 4 in Tharparkar and other districts of lower Sindh.

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