Why was DG ACE Rai Manzoor removed?

LAHORE: Director General (DG) Anti-Corruption, Punjab, Rai Manzoor Nasir, was removed from the post 40 days after appointment for refusing to file cases against Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and his wife for allegedly paying less tax while purchasing a piece of land in Kallar Kahar.

The inside story of replacing Director General (DG) Anti-Corruption Punjab Rai Manzoor Nasir has come out.

According to The News report, sources said Chief Minister’s Adviser on Anti-Corruption, Mussadiq Abbasi, sent a file to Rai Manzoor, directing him to file cases against Rana Sanaullah and his wife but he refused, as Sanaullah had already submitted full tax.

Rai Manzoor refused to sign the file and register cases as Sheikh Rashid had also faced a similar case but was acquitted. According to sources, in a case of private housing scheme in Sialkot, Rai Manzoor was directed to arrest Khawaja Asif’s son and wife but he conveyed it to the authority concerned that the case was being tried by the court and he would not go beyond the law.

Sources said Mussadiq summoned Rai Manzoor to his office at midnight on August 25 and handed him a list of 23 officers for transfer.

Rai Manzoor refused to sign the transfer list. However, 18 officers were still transferred the same night without the DG’s approval, claimed the sources.

The sources said Rai Manzoor was appointed as DG Anti-Corruption on the recommendation of Mussadiq Abbasi.

Another source claimed that Rai Manzoor had cleared cases against the PTI leaders and now there was no need to have him as DG ACE. Additionally, Rai Manzoor knows how to go hand in hand with the government and opposition.

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