Voters in favour of the mini-budget will face public outrage: Imtiaz Shaikh

KARACHI: Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh reacting to the approval of the mini-budget said that Imran Khan used to say while standing on the container that if PTI government is formed then it would be better to commit suicide than going to IMF, but you didn’t commit suicide while you forced the people to commit suicide and today the people are eagerly waiting for your (PM’s) suicide.

Imtiaz Shaikh said that the entire ruling party, including the Prime Minister, are in a state of severe frustration and the PTI-IMF nexus have deprived infants of milk and the sick of medicine.

He said that PTI and its allies would be badly defeated in the forthcoming elections.
Imtiaz Shaikh said that the rulers have mortgaged the country to the IMF for the sake of $1 billion while gas crisis, historic inflation, unemployment and poverty have triggered a revolt within the ruling party.

Sindh Energy Minister said that it is surprising that Federal Minister for Energy is not taking over his ministry when the whole country is facing a historic gas crisis, the performance of federal MoE in his own department is zero while on the assembly floor he describes the performance of other departments.

He said that the Federal Minister did not miss any opportunity to criticize the Sindh government, despite the issuing health cards by the federal government, the government hospitals in Sindh are full of patients from other provinces.

The federal government has launched a health card scheme to reward its ATMs’ hospitals, the people of the provinces including Sindh where gas is being produced are deprived of gas, the curses of the oppressed will come as a tsunami on the oppressive rulers.

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