Visual Storyteller Stephanie Johnstone rescues Pakistani dog in Hunza

KARIMABAD/ISLAMABAD: Visual storyteller Stephanie Johnstone rescued an injured dog from Hunza valley during her travels in Pakistan.

Stephanie was en route to the Khunjerab Pass (Pakistan-China Border) when she stumbled across a young puppy who was limping and appeared to be in a devastating condition.

“I found him on the road, he was lying there in the middle of the street and didn’t really move. I realised that there was something wrong with his leg. I picked him up and decided to take him to the next shelter or vet. Sadly I learnt that there were none in Hunza,” Stephanie told The Pakistan Daily in an exclusive conversation.

Stephanie with adopted puppy Icarus. Photo via Stephanie Johnstone

The next day, Stephanie took a bus to Gilgit to ensure the puppy received adequate medical treatment. There she learnt that the puppy’s surgery could only take place in Islamabad so she took a bus from Gilgit to Islamabad to save the puppy’s life.

Stephanie named the puppy Icarus, based on the Greek mythological character who flew too close to the son.

Once the surgery was done, little Icarus fully recovered and now regularly goes on play dates with other dogs in Islamabad.

Stephanie has decided to adopt Icarus and take him wherever she goes after she leaves Pakistan in February next year.

Regarding the hospitality she received from Pakistan, Stephanie said that she felt safe and welcomed in Pakistan, even with an injured puppy in her lap during her travels.

“Everyone has been so kind and helpful and not like a fake kind but a genuine consideration, especially with a dog,” Stephanie said.

She has travelled to Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Hyderabad, Hunza, Skardu and Islamabad.

Stephanie now plans to get her car shipped from England so that she can continue her travels within and outside Pakistan in her own mode of transport.

Stephanie is also the founder of A Million Voices, which features human stories that provide viewers with stories in a more compassionate realm.

She has been commissioned by a top publisher to feature such stories from Pakistan which will take a form of a picture book expected to be released next year.

Young Icarus appears thrilled to accompany Stephanie on her next adventures.

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