VIDEO: Heavy brawl breaks out in Orange Line, punches and kicks exchanged

LAHORE: A heavy brawl broke out between 2 groups at the newly launched Orange Line Train with kicks and punches being exchanged between both groups.

Passersby were astonished at the physical conflict which resembled the scenes of the Hollywood blockbluster ‘Fight Club’.

City 42 reported a video of the fight which shows passengers using threatening language and exchanging heavy blows with each other.

The dispute broke out between the two groups due to holiday rush on the Orange Line train in Lahore. Young men who were already in the train attacked another group who had just boarded from the Samanabad station because the bogie became overcrowded.

Police said no written request over the Orange Line train spat was received but that action would be taken against the culprits if a complaint was registered.

The in-charge of the Orange Line train, Uzair Shah, said the incident was being investigated after the footage came to light.

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