Veena Malik abusive leaked call with threats against ex husband leaked

A phone call which includes shocking and abusive language by Lollywood starlet Veena Malik have been leaked to TPD Investigations Desk.

Veena Malik abusive threats to ex husband Asad Khattak

In the call, Veena Malik can be heard saying, “What are you talking about Dubai court, your four sisters and mother live here.”

Veena Malik (Zahida Malik)

In a smashing development, Veena Malik using extremely abusive and threatening language against her ex husband Asad Khattak.

Veena Malik getting make up done

She said she did not go to meet anyone and requested her ex husband to return the money to an unnamed person

Veena Malik with ex husband, Asad Khattak.

In a twisting development, Veena Malik asks for money back.

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