US & Turkish soldiers opened fire after suicide attack, killed British Afghan

KABUL: The brother of a British Afghan, who died when an IS-K suicide bomber hit Kabul’s airport, said that his brother was shot dead by western troops.

According to Daily Mail report, Muhammad Niazi, a taxi driver from London who had travelled back to Afghanistan to try and help get his family evacuated out of Kabul. His wife was killed in the blast, and his youngest child and eldest daughter are still believed to be missing.

His brother Abdul Hamid, who survived the blast, made the claims about bullets from western guard posts killing people and told reporter: ‘The fire came from the bridges… the towers… from the soldiers’. He added: I saw some small children in the river, it was so bad. It was doomsday for us.’ 

The second British victim, Musa Popal, 60, was pushing through the crowd trying to attract the attention of soldiers by waving his UK passport when he was killed by the suicide bomber, reported by daily mail

Other witnesses to the suicide bomb attack also say that their relatives weren’t killed in the blast but by fire in the confusion afterwards. Abdul says he saw American and Turkish soldiers amid the chaotic scenes as gunfire reined over the crowds of people.

Another man claimed his friend who had helped US forces during the war had been killed by a gunfire from a Western troops.

‘This guy served the US Army for years,’ he told media. ‘And the reason he lost his life wasn’t because of Taliban, he wasn’t killed by ISIS…’

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