University of Lahore expels lovebirds after proposal video goes viral

LAHORE: An innocent video of a young couple proposing to each other in their university and hugging has resulted in their expulsion from the University of Lahore.

The viral footage shows the woman with her right knee bent, a bouquet of roses in her hand, proposing to an elated man and the guy happily accepting her proposal and hugs her afterwards.

However, the University of Lahore expelled both students after a video went viral on social media.

University of Lahore order.

The University issued a letter on Friday in which it said the disciplinary committee has decided to expel the students.

“A meeting of the Special Disciplinary Committee was held in the Office of the Rector,” reads the notification.

It said that the two students “were involved in gross misconduct and violation of University rules”, adding that they were summoned before the committee but “failed to appear”.

The order further stated that in pursuance of Section 9 of the General Discipline and Code of Conduct on the Campus, the committee has decided to expel the two students for violating the varsity’s rules and regulations and “serious infraction of the code of conduct”.

“Furthermore, as per Section 16 […] they are debarred from entering the premises of the University of Lahore and all its sub-campuses,” the letter stated.

The move by the university has witnessed widespread criticism from social media.

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