UAE’s Mars mission and Pakistan’s scientific plight (Blog)

By Naeemullah Afridi.

UAE’s Mars mission, the “Hope Probe” has successfully reached its destination. The Mars mission was initiated on 19 July 2020. After travelling for almost 7 months in space, the “Hope probe” has been caught by Mars gravity. The plan took 7 years.

The aim was to inspire the next generation of a small gulf country to ponder and gain something in the technological field with efforts. Without efforts, ambitions remain ambitions. Ambitions, hopes and efforts are integral parts of success. Having these enormous qualities, one-day individuals make history and inspire others as well. This sort of attainment is loudly applauded by everyone even if the goal is not achieved.

Indeed, such steps are taken by brave and bold countries or individuals, who are interested in scientific discoveries. UAE made history and became the fifth country to launch an orbit after India, USA, Europe and Russia.

In simple words, it is a triumph which will be remembered and applauded for years. In the past few days, enthusiasm was at its peak in the UAE after gaining success in the mars mission. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building plays its role in providing attractive scenes to the public of mars mission. 

The UAE minister of state for advanced technology, Sarah Al Amiri stated: ” We wanted to arrive at mars”. Her dream became true. it took time and efforts but the mission was achieved. She added: ” I am really grateful and it’s like a weight of seven years has been lifted from my shoulders”. Her statement reveals how happy and excited she is.

Now, we take a look at Pakistan’s plight in the scientific field. 

Is there any positivity for Pakistan in “Hope probe”?. Will it inspire Pakistan’s upcoming generation? Is it a wake-up call for us?

Do we fear failures in such missions?

The questions above are worth asking. One can assert that Pakistani people and scientists are capable and intelligent but the sole cause of not launching orbits and not taking such steps reveal our priorities and level of development in science. 

We indulge in political rivalries but we’re never keen on scientific discoveries. The Government of Pakistan itself neglects those who forward space missions. Failure must be taken as the first stride of triumph. We as a nation, as usual, wake up too late when it is already over. 

Time is not over, years to come, begin planing from now,  work on it, support and applaud those who are interested in such missions. Something should be kept in the budget for space missions. Moreover, Fawad Chaudhry’s statement pertaining to space mission gave new birth to our technology, where he had said that candidates will be shortlisted by 2022 for a space mission. If Fawad’s statement proves right,  it would be a huge boost to our technology.

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