Trump’s violent supporters storm US Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON DC: A violent mob comprising of President Trump’s supporters stormed US Capitol Hill after the Democrats won a majority in the senate.

Capitol Hill is the seat of U.S. government, home to the Senate, Houses of Representatives and the Supreme Court.

Police responded with drawn guns and tear gas on Wednesday as swarms of protesters violently stormed in and tried to force Congress to undo President Donald Trump’s election loss.

A Trump supporter yelled in the Senate: “Trump won that election.”.

Donald Trump first tweeted requesting his supporters to be peaceful and then released a video in which Trump told the protestors that he loved them and asked them to go home.

President Elect, Joe Biden responded saying: “America is so much better than what we’re seeing today.”

Thousands of protestors are still present inside and outside Capitol Hill while the police is trying to secure the parameter so the count can continue tonight.

ABC News reported smoke from the steps of the Capitol building. There have been reports of a woman been shot and flash bangs being exploded.

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