Trump to spend 9/11 anniversary as boxing commentator in casino

FLORIDA: Former US President Donald Trump will spend the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as a boxing commentator in the Hard Rock Casino in Florida.

9/11 resulted in the deaths of almost 3,000 Americans, making it the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil, but instead of paying respects to the victims, Donald Trump will spend 9/11 commenting on a boxing match in a casino.

Mr Trump’s plans to spend 9/11 in this manner were criticised.

“It feels like a parody of the kind of thing that Donald Trump would do, but it is perfectly fitting for this disgraced ex-president, essentially exiled from polite society, to spend this solemn occasion doing boxing commentary on pay-per-view,” MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes said.

Mary Trump, who is publicly critical of her uncle, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she found his decision “disgraceful.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden visited the three sites hit by the terror attacks. Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush also paid a tribute to the victims at Ground Zero in New York City and the Pennsylvania field where Flight 93 crashed.

“Does it surprise you even by his low standard?” Mr Cooper asked Ms Trump. “If another former president decided to spend 9/11 commenting on a boxing match on pay-per-view, people would … their heads would explode.”

“That’s been the problem all along,” Mary Trump. “For reasons that are very difficult to understand. There is a completely different standard that Donald‘s held to. In fact, he‘s held to no standard.“

“It’s disgraceful,” she said.

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