Tribute to Iconic Story Writer Rasool Bux Dars

What did Rasool Bux Dars write? He wrote Sindh, He wrote the pain of Sindh, He wrote hope for Sindh. He practically portrayed his teachings through a humble attitude and exemplary hospitality. His writings depicted the philosophy of Syed (GM Syed), he wrote for Sindh and became Sindh.

He not only spread the message of struggle but practically took part in many struggles for the sake of Sindh and the survival of Sindh and bore every burn for his beloved land.

The Otaq of Sain Rasool Bux was the place where ideologists of Sindh used to converge to discuss the bright future of Sindh. The true adherent of Sindh gave us the dreams and desires of Sindh’s bright future through his literary work. That Otaq of Rasool Bux Dars now gives a desolate look because now there is no one to gather the ideologists of Sindh and it would not be wrong to say that his death dealt a huge loss to the Nationalist politics.

The first death anniversary of stalwart ideologist story writer and poet Rasool Bux Dars was observed on Wednesday. People hailing from different walks of life paid befitting tribute to the eminent literati for his unparalleled contributions in the field of Sindhi literature in general and story writing in particular. The renowned literary figure born on 10 June 1953 hailed from Jhumpir, a small town of Thatta. He was a historian, story writer, and academician. He started his professional career as a primary teacher and went on to become a learning coordinator supervisor.

Different books comprising his stories were published on different occasions. His book Suhai Ji Sob gave him distinguished recognition among the literary figures of Sindh. Along with it he also wrote short plays for Sindhi tv channels.

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