TPD Exclusive: First PML-N MNA from Sargodha resigns in protest against PTI govt

LONDON/SARGODHA: In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz MNA from Sargodha, who was elected from the NA-90 constituency in Sargodha has offered his resignation as MNA to the party leadership.

MNA Chaudhry Hamid’s resignation letter as MNA

Speaking to this correspondent, MNA Chaudhry Hamid confirmed that the resignation letter was written and signed by him and he was proud to be the first MNA to offer his resignation to the party leadership.

“My resignation is the first resignation. We stand by our party leadership and if they order all MNAs to resign, they will do immediately. We will say Labaik to any decision by our party leadership,” the PML-N leader from Sargodha said in an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily.

In his resignation letter which is addressed to Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shehbaz Sharif, Chaudhry Hamid cited various reasons for his resignation which include rising inflation, unemployment, restriction of the media, victimisation of the opposition as well as the government’s failures in Kashmir.

“My life and death is with PML-N and I will follow any decision of my leadership,” Chaudhry Hamid wrote in his resignation letter.

The resignation has fanned rumours of mass resignations from the PML-N on the 13 December Pakistan Democratic Movement jalsa in Lahore.

MNA Chaudhry Hamid confirmed to this correspondent that if the leadership gave the signal, every single MNA and MPA belonging to the PML-N would offer their resignation hinting that this strategy was very much on the cards.

Chaudhry Hamid’s actions were widely praised by PML-N workers on social media.

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