TPD Exclusive: David Rose denies asking for money from Kaveh Moussavi

LONDON: David Rose, the reporter who had written a scathing story alleging corruption and money laundering on Mian Shehbaz Sharif has denied that he ever asked for money from Kaveh Moussavi.

Kaveh Moussavi. Source: Twitter

Earlier, in an interview to Geo News, Kaveh Moussavi, of Broadsheet LLC had alleged that: “David Rose told me he knew Shahzad Akbar. We met in my house in Oxford and we had a chat. David Rose said he would organise the meeting (with Shahzad Akbar) and he did. What was in it for him? He said that he had a big mortgage. I said if I am paid (by Pakistan), then I can settle it (the £250,000 mortgage). We shook hands and said that I will settle his mortgage and I said I will be happy to do that and that was it.”

However, in an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, David Rose categorically denied the allegation of asking for money from Kaveh Moussavi.

Rose told this correspondent: “I did arrange this meeting at Kaveh’s request. I did not ask him for money. He offered to pay me. First I thought he was joking. When he repeated this offer in a text, I told him I was not looking for money and did not wish him to pay me any commission. 

“I have received no money for setting up this meeting which was to discuss the broadsheet case. The meeting did not lead to a settlement and I have not been involved in the matter since. I organised the meeting, as a favour to Kaveh, because I have known him for many years and he is a neighbour.”

David Rose also took to Twitter to clarify his stance regarding the allegations made by Kaveh Moussavi, who has recently won almost $30 million from the Pakistani government.

David Rose met Kaveh Moussavi at the Royal Garden Hotel as well as his home, since they live nearby.

Barrister Shehzad Akbar, who currently heads the Asset Recovery Unit earlier claimed in a television interview that he “got stories done by journalists”, pointing to David Rose’s story about Shehbaz Sharif that was published in the Daily Mail.

Barrister Shehzad Akbar. Source: Files.

In a defamation meanings hearing pertaining to that very case, the judge determined Chase Level 1 for the allegations made against Shehbaz Sharif by the Daily Mail which means that the newspaper will now have to present evidence of the theft and money laundering they have alleged Shehbaz Sharif has done.

According to Moussavi, the alleged commission deal with Rose fell out. Moussavi told The News: “The fact that David Rose started going hostile towards me after that (meeting) was quite shocking to me. Up to that point I clearly considered him a friend and trusted him.”

Moussavi further mentioned that offering or asking for a commission was a “legitimate” thing if done in a business deal with nothing illegal about it.

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