TPD Exclusive: Bilal Saeed speaks about his assault on couple, shares video with TPD

LAHORE: In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, music composer Bilal Saeed who was caught kicking and thrashing a couple, including a woman has broken his silence on the entire affair.

Instead of apologising for his heinous act, Bilal Saeed said: “Every human has the right to live with dignity and security, regardless of gender. I am a believer of peace, however I also believe in establishing boundaries when that peace is repeatedly compromised by another, regardless of gender.”

Bilal’s manager Murtaza Niaz shared a video of Bilal’s house which is damaged.

Bilal Saeed’s destroyed home.

Bilal said: “When the safety and dignity of a person is violated and jeopardized over and over again, he unfortunately is left with no option but to react.”

Bilal Saeed was caught on camera whilst using abusive language and beating a woman which has been criticised on social media since people have said that no gentleman ever raises their hands on women.

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