There is no greater glory than love, nor any greater punishment than jealousy (Opinion)

A jealous Person gives the impression of being a very self-confident person. These individuals act like generals about to charge the enemy. They seem to know exactly what they want to know and how they can blame. as a partner they argue late at night for this point of view. Why are things not according to me? I’m right they scream and make every possible excuse to prove you wrong with their sugar-coated words.

They have the power to show themselves as victims. These are the red flags to be prepared for. Some characteristics lie behind jealousy. One is an inferiority complex. If a person gets jealous just because he thinks he is not enough. He thinks too little about himself. He says bad words about himself. This is the easiest way to make himself satisfied with the blame game.

It won’t matter if someone else accepts you if you truly accept yourself. This idea has amazing power. Master-slave is the second characteristic of jealousy. They expect their partners to follow their orders, and if they don’t, they will be punished.t. It is a rare jealous person who suffers emotional pangs in silence. Most people who are jealous express their anger by yelling. To get their point across, a couple would yell at one another and smash furniture and kitchenware. People who are envious are aware that by yelling and threatening, they may convert anyone into a victim and then claim responsibility for their actions only on the basis of their actions. Again a blame game. Not quite as simple is the intensely possessive and jealous individual. Possessiveness in a relationship is lovely, but wanting to know every detail about your lover is pitiful. It resembles destroying personal space. How do you anticipate the spouse breathing in the fresh air? obviously not. Detachment starts right here. A person has the ability to hate if they are loving.

The person who is jealous believes they own their partner just like they own a house and a car. People shouldn’t be treated like property because they are free spirits. They just consider their own sentiments, not the feelings of others at all. Their ideology is divided into two sets of guidelines. rules for themselves and rules for others. A slave owner thinks he has a God-given right to demand anything from a slave, and that these rights ought to be enforced with violence if need be.

They are psychologically blind, which is the third and most important quality. However, these individuals are frequently intelligent, well-educated, and attractive. They excel in many areas of their lives and are capable in many more. But the envious person behaves like a retarded person around their loved ones. They transform into the embodiment of positive agony, a whimpering, sobbing youngster who sincerely believes that he must obtain his desired goal at any cost. Almost without fail they accuse their mates of making them miserable by tormenting them. It is alarming if your partner is the reason behind your emotional disturbance. He/she drains your energy and at the end of the day due to rapid accusation, you feel you are wrong even if you aren’t.

All you need to do to develop emotional intelligence is practise acute observation of your own behaviour and that of your spouse. Smart detective snooping and astute guesswork. This will serve as an example of warning signs. Don’t miss them and don’t convert them into jealousy either.

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