The leave before they leave (Opinion)

Over 500 women and girls were sexually assaulted in Karachi during the final 12 months of the preceding year 2022, according to data from the city’s three major hospitals. On February 5th, we heard that two females had once more become victims of rape. We are making progress in many areas, but we remain behind in terms of fundamental rights.

In Pakistan, women make up more than 50% of the population, and statistics demonstrate how much security they are receiving. This amusing reality is something that shouldn’t be disregarded. Our values don’t match up with reality. Woman after this has to suffer even more They committed suicide due to social pressure and emotional hardship. The only error they made was being gendered as women. There should be a lot of hardship for their family members. Instead of assisting them, our society will punish them with tantrums. A girl working in a bus who is struggling to provide for her family financially should not be the target of this kind of terrible crime. Nobody should treat women in this way. At the very least, they should be given the fundamental rights that the male gender has.
Many people’s dreams are being shattered by this kind of news.

According to research, women work harder and are more responsible than men. Why aren’t they having career success? Security is the cause. It causes parents anxiety to let their daughters work. They would rather have them at home. Although they care, hopes are destroyed. This concept is prevalent in Pakistan, where women are expected to perform well academically while still performing household duties, whereas males are expected to excel academically and have a wonderful time all day. They are taking the finest possible care of everything. They should have the best career ahead of them, but this circumstance won’t be helpful.

Women lack emotional strength. This is the punishment that all women must endure, but Amna Baig, a CSS officer, disproved it by joining the Pakistani Police Service and assisting women. She was given the name Api by her father, which means “older sister,” and she now serves as an elder sister to the daughters of many nation. Her outstanding contribution demonstrates Pakistan’s plenty of Amna Baig, but all they need is a platform to improve or make the situation more comfortable for women. They should not fear being prey to many predators if they walk alone through the streets; they have the freedom to breathe freely ( Which is true to many extents).

In poor nations, women lack access to basic rights. the appropriate to education. the privilege of life. In Sindh, there aren’t many women who participate in sports, even when there are talented female athletes. The reason is that even sports are frowned upon by women. We have fewer women participating in football and karate. In order for women to play successfully in sports, it is important that they value sports. This boosts their self-assurance and transforms them into game-changers in a variety of ways.The situation could improve if Pakistani women were given respect. Locally, nationally, and internationally need to work on this. They should be able to breathe easily.

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