Teen Climate Change activist represents Pakistan in IYC

Pakistan’s Teen Climate Change activist and YouTuber Uswa-e-Zainab, 15, represented the country in International Youth Conference (IYC) 2020, focused on ‘Youth and Climate action.’

The 4-person panel ventilated various perspectives on climate change, what problems the youth might incur in tackling it, how important it is as an SDG and whether we should be hopeful for the future.

Uswa highlighted that the primary aim is to help small scale businesses, which weren’t able to adapt to technological advancements and changing trends and have hence gone bankrupt, by providing them with digital media services and helping their business revive.

She noted further that our business would keep a share of the revenue generated from selling their products online, and this would help community service along with profit maximization.

On asking how was her experience representing Pakistan, she replied to this correspondent: “Representing Pakistan internationally was certainly a great honour. Being able to share my own ideas and learn from activists world over gave me the opportunity to speak on the positive aspects of Pakistan which the world so rarely acknowledges.”

“I am humbled that I get to interact with youth from other countries and to find out that they actually are curious about the youth of Pakistan and the talents it has to offer. All in all, my primary aim is to convey to the world a positive facet of Pakistan,” she added.

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