Tariq Mahmood notified as Vice Chairman OPC Punjab

LAHORE: The Punjab Government has appointed Syed Tariq Mahmood-ul-Hassan as Vice Chairperson Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab.

According to the notification, upon approval of the Chief Minister, Punjab, Syed Tariq Mahmood-ul-Hassan, is hereby nominated as Vice Chairperson of Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission under Section 3(2) of the Punjab Overseas Pakistani Commission Act, 2021, with immediate effect.

Syed Tariq Mahmood-ul-Hassan appointed as Vice Chairman of Punjab Overseas Pakistani Commission.

Meanwhile, Waseem Akhtar Ramay has been denotified.

Earlier, The Pakistan Daily reported that several women made allegations against Waseem Ramay pertaining to bribery and intimidation

In a video message, Shumaila says she is the sister of Mahjibeen, a resident of Birmingham in the UK. 

Shumaila (left), Vice Chairman Overseas Commission Punjab (right).

“To sort out my sister’s property disputes I had to go to the Overseas Pakistani Commission where I met Waseem Ramay,” Shumaila said. 

Accusing Waseem Ramay of demanding a bribe, Shumaila alleged: “Ramay assured me that he will get my work done but it will cost money. When I asked how much he mentioned it would be 1.5 million rupees.”

Shumaila stated that due to COVID-19 restrictions, her sister could not come to Pakistan and thus she was forced to pay a bribe in order to get back her legitimate family assets.

After some time, Shumaila claimed that Ramay demanded a further payment of 1 million rupees for the promised work. 

“I sold my jewellery and paid Ramay. Till now I had paid 2.5 million so I hoped my work would be done but he kept delaying,” Shumaila said. 

However, after the agreed work wasn’t done, Shumaila alleges that Ramay threatened her life. 

“This person said I will have you shot and have firing done at your home. I am forced to record this message so that I can appeal to Governor Punjab, CM Punjab and Prime Minister Imran Khan to stop this man from what he is doing and give me protection,” Shumaila said about Waseem Ramay who is a British national and was made Vice-Chairman Overseas Pakistani Commission after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf came into power in Punjab and the Centre. Waseem Ramay was allegedly given the important post with strong support from Punjab Governor Chaudhary Sarwar, whose family lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

She further stated that if anything happened to her, Waseem Ramay would be responsible. 

In another related incident, a British Pakistani woman whilst speaking to journalist Naveed Chaudhry claimed that Ramay had secretly married her and had a child with her, however, he refused to accept the child later on. 

The woman said that she would engage a solicitor to initiate legal proceedings against Ramay for not accepting their marriage. 

It has been claimed that several complaints regarding Waseem Ramey have come to light and the government of Punjab is considering removing Ramay from his post. 

Syed Tariq Mahmood-ul-Hassan is an acclaimed author, philanthropist an legal expert. Hassan holds a Master in Laws along with a Business degree from Northampton University, U.K. With extensive insights on the global state of affairs, his books and articles examine the key developments determining the world’s future. He is the UK president of the World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis (WCOP). He has authored two acclaimed books on global affairs. A World In Chaos was published by Hay House from New York and ‘Dunya Badal Rahi Hey’ has been recently published in Urdu. He is the winner of the Brian Tracy Award of Excellence in 2019 and ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ in 2020. He’s also there founding Chairman of Ali Zamam Trust UK & Pakistan, a charity set up in memory of his two children and dedicated to uplift the underprivileged and destitute children in Pakistan.

The main objectives of the Overseas Pakistanis Commission include the welfare of overseas Pakistanis, addressing their genuine complaints which fall within the provision of the Provincial Government, protection from land grabbing and similar other hazards, facilitation in their investments, removing hurdles and assisting in policy decisions on the basis of suggestions received from overseas Pakistanis. Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission is a Special Institution with Services and General Administration Department of Government of Punjab. The Commission is headed by the Chairperson the Chief Minister of Punjab who devolves his powers to the Vice Chairperson to run the Commission through the Commissioner and respective committees. 

Speaking to The Pakistan Daily, Syed Tariq Mahmood-Ul-Hassan expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Pakistan Mr Imran Khan and Chief Minister Punjab Mr Usman Bazdar for entrusting him with the responsibility of serving the overseas Pakistanis.

“I will do my best to assist the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister and set up an effective mechanism to resolve the problems and challenges faced by overseas Pakistanis. The Overseas Punjab Commission is an independent and constitutional body equipped with official powers and our entire team will work tirelessly to improve the outcomes in granting relief from qabza mafia and other irritants.”

“As an overseas Pakistani, I have deep insights into the challenges faced by them. My doors are always open for Pakistanis living abroad. Overseas Pakistanis are the engine of our economy and society. I plan to travel to many parts of the world to engage with them and resolve any issues faced by them on a priority basis through the official mechanism of the Commission,” he said.

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