Taliban make fresh appeal for Afghanistan’s seat at UN

KABUL: The Taliban have again sought Afghanistan’s seat at the United Nations following the resignation of the previous Ambassador who had been nominated by the Ghani led government.

Farhan Haq, who serves as the Assistant UN Spokesperson told AFP that the previous Ambassador, Mr Ghulam Isaczai had relinquished his post on December 15, 2021.

The UN post as well as other ambassadorial appointments are a source of conflict between the Taliban and the diplomats who were appointed by the previous regime.

The situation is made more complicated because no country has yet recognised the Taliban government, leaving Afghan diplomatic staff in various countries in a precarious situation.

The Taliban have nominated Suhail Shaheen as their representative for the UN.

Taking to Twitter, Shaheen said: “UN is an August World Body and its credibility lies in its neutrality. I request it to prove its neutrality by giving the seat of Afghanistan at UN to the current government in Afghanistan which has sovereignty and writ all over the country.”

Shaheed held that rules should supersede political preferences. Otherwise, the neutrality of the UN would be questioned.

In December, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution indefinitely delaying a decision over the rival claims.

Isaczai continued to function in his role at UN Headquarters where he criticised the Taliban regime at a UN Security Council meeting.

The Taliban now seek the appointment of Suhail Shaheen who has previously served as Deputy Ambassador to Islamabad during the Taliban’s previous government.

Shaheen may have been nominated to this post because of his fluency in English as well as his contacts with media outlets worldwide.

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