Taliban bans shaving & beard trimming in Helmand province

The Taliban has banned shaving beard trimming services in the Helmand province.

Hairdressers in Helmand have been asked not to provide shaving and beard trimming services to men as the Taliban believe Muslim men should grow their beards.

The Taliban’s religious police have stated that anyone found violating the rule would be punished.

Several barbers in Kabul have in Kabul has also shared similar concerns from the Taliban despite the fact that many Afghan men, especially the younger generation of Afghan men do not grow their beards in the Islamic fashion.

A notice posted outside hair salons in Helmand stated, “No one has a right to complain,” regarding the latest Taliban orders.

The Taliban has also carried out public hangings, signalling that there is not much difference between the previous Taliban regime and the new regime in Kabul which has also been referred to as Taliban 2.0

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