Taliban arrests former British soldier

KABUL: TALIBAN have arrested a British ex-soldier after he attempted to evacuate 400 Afghan citizens.

Ben Slater, 37, was attempting to help Afghan citizens, including 50 staff members from his NGOs across a land border in the Middle East.

The staff members and their families failed to secure a place on the final British aircraft, and are still unable to leave the Taliban-controlled area as the former soldier’s evacuation attempts were stopped.

A coach carrying the staff members was turned away by jihadists, at a land border between Afghanistan and another undisclosed country.

According to The Telegraph, Slater had previously assisted in the evacuation of dozens of Afghans but was unable to secure help for his staff, hence the need to start his own attempt at a rescue operation.

Most of the staff members are single women who occupied hotel rooms near a border checkpoint, and traditionally the Taliban is known for its ill-treatment of women.

Following his arrest, Slater was released and was told he could leave the country with just one of his staff members, but that the rest of the group must remain in Afghanistan.

Slater, who is a former Royal Military Police member, is attempting to obtain visas for the staff members who work at the chain of NGOs he runs in Afghanistan.

The attempt comes following the militant group’s takeover of Kabul’s airport following the final UK extraction flight leaving the nation earlier this week.

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