Student Solidarity March draws in large numbers in Lahore

LAHORE: Students belonging to various educational institutes participated in the Student Solidarity March held in Mall Road, Lahore and various other cities of Pakistan.

The primary demand of the students is the restoration of student unions across the country. Other demands include fair treatment of students from ethnic minorities and gender equality. The Progressive Students Collective had made arrangements for the event.

Mall Road remained closed as the students continued their protests with various speeches but also plays and skits, adding an entertaining and politically uplifting element to the protest.

Speaking to The Pakistan Daily, journalist Munizae Jahangir who participated in the march questioned the people who criticised generational politics. “How can the new breed of politicians be prepared when student unions are closed? Many of our older politicians came from student unions.”

Munizae Jahangir also responded to the critics of the Asma Jahangir Conference 2021 held in the memory of Asma Jahangir, the leading human rights activist in the history of Pakistan.

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Dr Ammar Ali Jan from the Haqooq e Khalq movement questioned why there was a huge representation of feudal landlords but absolutely no representation of students in Pakistan’s political spectrum.

“No patriotic Pakistani would have any problem from the demands of the students,” Dr Ammar Ali Jan said.

Musical sensation Ali Haider also participated in the protest and presented a new song dedicated to PM Imran Khan.

Dr Ammar Ali Jan’s latest book, Rule by Fear which features eight theses of authoritarianism in Pakistan was also available at the event.

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