Student falls unconscious after finding himself in crowded exam hall of 500 female students

A 17-year-old male student, Manish Shankar Prasad, fainted in the examination hall in Bihar, India after finding that he is the only male among 500 female students.

An Indian news website, The Times of India, reported, on Wednesday, the student of Allama Iqbal College was at Brilliant Convent School Sundargarh to take the mathematics examination and was shocked to find himself as the lone male among 500 female students.

The school administration came to Manish’s aid and admitted him to the hospital for treatment.

According to Manish’s father, Sacchidanand Prasad, his son regained consciousness after a few hours of being treated at the Sadar hospital.

An aunt of the student blamed the Bihar Intermediate Council for allotting the examination center dedicated for female students, claiming that the large number of female students was too much for Manish to handle.

She said, “The school administration has given the seat to my nephew in the main hall of the school surrounded by many girls. Manish failed to handle the situation after saw many girls and fell unconscious.”

After parents of the teenager blamed the authorities for the mishap, school administration claimed that the boy must have filled in his gender as “female”, while filling the form.

Or, when the boy saw that his gender has been mentioned as female in admit card, he should have rectified it immediately.

“This is utter carelessness either from the boy or his guardians, or the school from where his form was filled,” said the examination center principal, Shashi Bhushan Prasad.

The website quoted the principal saying that the candidate, Manish Shankar Prasad, didn’t return to the examination center on Thursday, February 2.

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