Spoilt brat beats up, abuses poor guard in Dolmen Mall Karachi

KARACHI: The video of a spoilt brat abusing and beating a poor guard in Karachi’s Dolmen Mall parking is making the rounds on social media.

In the video, the spoilt brat can be heard saying, “How dare you? Stay in your Aukaat (worth),” in an astonishing disregard for any kind of ethics or morality.

The dispute allegedly occurred because the parking was full and the guard did not allow the spoilt brat’s car to be parked but this resulted in a volcanic eruption of anger which resulted in punches and abuses on the part of the spoilt brat.

The girl can also be seen taking a photo of the guard, implying a threat that she will come back to ‘take care’ of the guard.

The actions of the spoilt brat sensationalised social media after using scandalous words of sustained abuse to the poor guard who was simply doing his job.

Shahzad Khan said, “I hope she sees some jail time but unfortunately these privileged people are almost impossible to arrest without their disgust going viral”.

While Dr Ayoub Choudhry pinned this to a false sense of entitlement.

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