Speakers deplore accumulation of Sindh’s resources at ‘Save Kohistan Save Sindh Conference’

THATTA: Speakers deplored accumulation of Sindh’s resources, acute water shortage, lack of basic amenities, police atrocity, and other countless issues being faced by poor people of Sindh at Save Kohistan Save Sindh Conference held under the aegis of Awami Tahreek in Jhumpir the homeland of eminent historian Rasool Bux Dars.

The conference was attended by members of the women, student and labour wing of the party besides that a large number of people hailing from different sheds of life attended the conference that according to AT leaders was a historic gathering.
Speakers at the event highlighted different issues faced by the people of Sindh particularly the people of the Kohistan region of district Thatta. They said the current provincial government had ruined the beauty of historical sites in Sindh adding the policies of the PPP government were anti-people that had broken the back of poor people in Sindh.

Central President Awami Tahreek Dr Rasool Bux Khaskeli said that attempts were being made to convert natives of Kohistan into a minority by depriving them of their lands and resources adding that officials of the revenue department were issuing bogus sale certificates of the agricultural lands of Kohistan area. He further said that fake title deeds were also being issued in this regard and the locals raised their voice several times against this issue but all their efforts proved futile.

Expressing grave resentment over the current state of affairs social activist Ghanwer Khan Zahur said that the People of Sindh were deprived of all basic amenities of life and all this would lead to PPP,s downfall. He said that Jhimpier and Jungshahi, two key towns of the Kohistan region, had broken roads causing a nuisance for the locals.

Shabana Palijo, an active member of AT, said that locals were neglected during the Jhimpir Wind power plant project and non-native were employed instead of them. ” There are many closed schools in the area and Basic health Units lack facilities but no one among the elected representatives bothered to take notice,” She Said. She reminded stakeholders that it is their prime responsibility to serve the people.

The speakers unanimously condemned the accumulation of Sindh,s land in the garb of different housing schemes, police atrocity across the province, and artificial water crisis and passed resolutions against them.

They announced an all-parties conference to be held on 11th July in Karachi.

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