Sonia Azhar presents a ‘Soft Image’ of Pakistan in London Fashion Show 

LONDON: A fashion show by Pakistan’s top designer Sonia Azhar in London presented a ‘Soft Image’ of the politically volatile country. 

Arranged by Rythm of Asia, the fashion show raised awareness of the plight of flood victims in Pakistan. 

The show was held at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel in London and featured various Pakistani celebrities including Mansha Pasha, Azfar Rehman and Sarah Shareef. 

Tens of thousands of pounds in donations for the flood victims were collected at the fashion show which featured a finale by Sonia Azhar. 

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Sonia Azhar said: “In these testing times, we should stand by the victims of floods who have lost not only their livelihoods but also their homes. My heart aches for the ones who have lost their loved ones.” 

Exhibiting her art to a foreign audience, the ace designer held that it would help in showing a different side of Pakistan. 

Sonia, who is considered to be Pakistan’s top fashion designer is the CEO of Sonia Azhar, a bridal couture brand based in Lahore and outlets all over Pakistan. 

The brand started thirty years ago with a meagre investment of 10,000 rupees has now grown to become one of the largest fashion brands of Pakistan. 

Sonia Azhar’s clients include the business and political elite of Pakistan as well as the Royal families of several Middle Eastern states. 

“I’ve held fashion shows in Dubai, London, Prague and various other cities but this one is close to my heart since it’s for the victims of floods in Pakistan,” Sonia told The Pakistan Daily. 

British and European models donned the Eastern handmade couture, representing the culture and fashion of Pakistan. 

Dubai-based model Sarah Shareef was the showstopper for Sonia Azhar’s finale show. 

The crowd present there noted how such shows present a soft image of Pakistan in the international realm. 

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