Soldiers of Pakistan Association says Indian propaganda against Pakistan unacceptable

LONDON: Soldiers of Pakistan Association led by Chairman Abu Turab Raja strongly condemned the fake propaganda and lobbying attempts made by India to discredit Pakistan in the international realm.

EU DisinfoLab uncovered a network of over 750 fake news outlets which facilitated the activities of over 10 NGOs which were embroiled in hostile acts against Pakistan.

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Abu Turab Raja stated that the sole purpose for the Soldiers of Pakistan Association was to protect the reputation and integrity of the country as well as Pakistan armed forces.

“There were more than 700 networks in the world which were pro India and were funded by an Indian based organisation called Shrivastav Group. It shows that these networks were created by an Indian based company to defame and destabilise Pakistan,” Abu Turab Raja held.

Abu Turab Raja briefing the media on India’s blatant propaganda against Pakistan.

He confirmed that the organisation was in talks with their legal team and were considering taking legal action against India’s blatant use of malicious propaganda to destabilise and defame Pakistan.

When asked whether Soldiers of Pakistan was in touch with EU DisinfoLab, Abu Turab Raja said: “We have contacted a few of their members but its still fresh and its something I cannot discuss any further.”

The scandal has exposed how India used the tool of fake news and black propaganda to malign Pakistan and often mislead foreign diplomats and activists to support the causes of human rights whilst subtly using them for their nefarious designs.

Shahzad Chaudhry was also present on the occasion and condemned the use of falsehood by India to further their twisted narrative in the international community.

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