Smart City project made operational in Thatta

Thatta: Deputy Inspector General Hyderabad Mr Sharjeel Ahmed Kharal has said the Smart City project in Thatta and makli district will bring peace, control crime and maintain law and order. The DIG Police while appreciating SSP Dr Imran Khan and praised his performance in making Smart City project operational.

The DIG has said the project would bring peace and maintain law and order in the district. He said in modern times it is not possible to improve service delivery without effective use of information technology and SSP Dr Muhammad Imran Khan is one of the professional officers who maintain high standards of policing as per the requirements of modern times.

Briefing the media on the occasion of the inauguration of the Smart City project at Police SSP Office Thatta Dr Muhammad Imran Khan said Smart City in Thatta and make encompassing 20 km radius, will prove to be a revolutionary project for crime control, traffic management and monitoring because under this project not only CCTV cameras have been installed at sensitive places in the entire city but also all matters related to policing have been brought together under one roof.

Dr Imran said this Project is established on a self-help basis by engaging local & Karachi based business communities. All the equipment were arranged by getting the payment done directly from contributors/donors to vendors. It extends up to a total 20 Km long distance in different directions and covers all Entry/Exit points & important locations of both Thatta and Makli towns.

He said that the purpose of setting up Smart City is to provide all modern police facilities to the people under one roof which will not only reduce crime but also help in tracing the culprits.

He said equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the 15 system has also been linked to Smart City where Smart City staff and police personnel both are on duty in three shifts and, all the police stations are being monitored by cameras.

MPA Riaz Shah Shirazi also spoke at the occasion.

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