Slain Pak Uber driver raises $800,000 on GoFundMe

WASHINGTON: The family of a slain Pakistani Uber delivery driver in the United States has raised $800,000 from their GoFundMe campaign.

Mohammad Anwar was a 66 year Pakistani migrant in the US who was killed by two teenage girls, aged only 13 and 15 when the two girls tried to steal Anwar’s car that resulted in a fatal crash.

The girls have been charged with murder, felony and carjacking, drawing a lot of public support for Anwar and his family.

While Anwar’s family sought only $100,000 to pay for funeral expenses, Americans donated in droves, taking the total amount generated to $800,000.

“Although money will not fill the gaping hole his death has left in our family, it will help remove some of the stress and worry of daily living while we grieve and heal,” the family said in a statement shared with the media. “We cannot thank you enough, we are overwhelmed by the kindness and support that everyone has shown.”

Commander Ramey Kyle of the Washington DC Criminal Investigation Division claimed that the police had reasons to believe the teenagers were involved in similar incidents in the past.

“We know that at least one of them had participated in something similar back in January and were arrested for that as well,” he told reporters in Washington. “So, it does seem that there is a pattern here.”

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser launched a task force to focus on such incidents. “It is more than tragic. I don’t have words to describe it. It is senseless,” he said.

US media has reported that there has been an increase in carjacking since last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic began. In 2019, Washington police had registered 143 reports of carjacking, which more than doubled to 345 carjacking incidents in 2020.

Most of the offenders are teenagers. Two days after Anwar’s death, two teenage boys – 12 and 15 – committed a similar carjacking in the same area. They drove away with the car after stabbing the driver.

“It is a sad situation. We have two young people that are facing very serious charges. They are even not old enough to drive,” Comm­ander Kyle told reporters.

“It is very important that we find out the people responsible for these carjacking and that we have justice,” Mayor Bowser said.

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